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Please consider the cancellation and make-up protocols found in the studio policy:

Absences: There is a strict 24 hour notice requirement regarding cancellations and missed appointments. This is non-negotiable and serves to protect fairness amongst the student/clientele base as a whole. Students that provide the proper notice of an absence have the option to either seek a make-up lesson before the end of the month or take a full credit minus $8/30-minutes (Lesson Hold) to accommodate the student’s absence. Variable absences are understandable, however please recognize that studio time and resources have already been allocated to each student's regularly scheduled lesson time whether the student is in attendance or not. Neither a make-up nor a credit can be provided if a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance as this prevents other students from fair opportunities to effectively schedule make-up lesson times. Due to the number of students/clientele the studio facilitates, we ask that you understand any make-up policy is an extension of courtesy on the studio's behalf, therefore frequently missed or cancelled lessons on a student's behalf may result in a temporary suspension and potential loss of his/her lesson time.  Furthermore, student absences that exceed one third or more per annual quarter will not be issued Lesson Hold credits beyond this amount, and it is suggested to those needing to miss in excess of this that scheduling be discontinued until a more stable attendance record is possible. Any missed appointments, cancellations, or requests to reschedule should be submitted online at www.JenniferBergViolin.com/absence-form.

To review the complete studio policy, please click the link below

Studio Lessons Policy



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